Hey there! Welcome to Not the Typical Mom™

I'm Stefani Reinold and... you guessed it, I'm not the typical mom. 

I'm a Christian, Doctor, Board Certified Psychiatrist, Army wife, and mother of two. I'm host of the podcast, Not the Typical Mom Show, author of the book Let Your Heart Out: How to Escape Your Thoughts and Reconnect with the Most Important Part of Yourself, creator of the HEART™ Method: a revolutionary, self-led therapy tool, proud Pinterest-failure, recovering perfectionist, foodie, talker, and extrovert.  

My idea of a good time is reading in bed and going to sleep by 9 pm. Before I wanted to be a doctor, I wanted to be an actress and some may say, I still enjoy putting on a show. 

Not the Typical Mom™ began out of my own pursuits in this online biz space.

You see... about 4 years ago, I drank the 4-hour-work week kool-aid. I began listening to countless online marketing podcasts and bought thousands of dollars worth of online courses teaching me everything from prioritizing my life, increasing productivity and building my digital empire.

All while finishing my medical residency in psychiatry and raising two little humans, mind you.

I started a food blog that never included any recipes. I created a lifestyle blog for women in medicine, but never posted a single thing. Ever.

Then, I put my all into a perinatal mental health course that helped women overcome postpartum mood disorders. Except I wasn't making any sales. Ok, I did make a couple sales. 

The thing is... I kept getting caught up in the first, and perhaps MOST important step: my niche. I'm sure you've heard of it. You know the whole "riches are in the niches" ring. Well, it's true. All the big dogs talk about it. And pretty much without a niche, you cannot survive in online business... and probably business in general.

So... I kept defining and refining my niche and nothing ever seemed to fit.

Until, one day, in a random conversation with an online biz mentor of mine, the idea hit me.   I couldn't find a "typical" niche for myself, because I wasn't typical. And that's when Not the Typical Mom™ was born. 

I hope to encourage you to escape the stereotypes, find your heart, and embrace your real self  so that you can kill it in life, love and business... because y'all, life is too short to be typical.

I'd love to connect with you further. The easiest place to find me is hanging out in Not the Typical Mom group on Facebook.  

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Also, tell me what you think. I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message here.