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【北航数学论坛】Modelling organisms' movement
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报告题目:Modelling organisms' movement

报告人:徐大舜 教授(美国南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校数学系)

报告时间:201958 下午4:005:00


报告摘要: In this presentation, I will first talk about the discrepancies between theoretical predictions and lab observations on the wave speeds of traveling waves formed by amoebas' dispersal. Then I will present analytical solutions to the telegraph equations with/without bias, which correspond to correlated random walks with/without bias. Our simulations show that the solutions can be approximated very well by correlated random walks. Furthermore, the mean first passage time is also highly consistent with that obtained from the corresponding random walks. This suggests an easy method for biologists to estimate parameter values of the telegraph equations. Finally, I will present some related open questions.

报告人概况:徐大舜,美国南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校数学系教授,博士生导师。1999-2001年在中科院数学与系统所攻读博士;2001-2004年在纽芬兰纪念大学(Memorial University of Newfoundland)学习并获得博士学位。2004-2006年在普渡大学(Purdue University)数学系访问(助理教授)2006-2010年南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校数学系助理教授;2010年至2017年南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校数学系副教授;2017年至今南伊利诺伊大学卡本代尔分校数学系教授。现主要从事生物系统的建模和机制的研究,已主持美国国家自然科学基金2项,在动力系统和生物数学等方面取得了丰富的研究成果,在 J. Mathematical Biology, J. Biological Dynamics, IJBC等著名期刊上发表文章30余篇。


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