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【几何测度论讨论班】Maximal isotopies, transverse foliations and orbit forcing theory for surface homeomorphisms
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报告人Patrice Le Calvez (巴黎六大)

报告地点:主北楼 307
报告摘要: If f is a homeomorphism of a surface that is isotopic to the identity, we can define the notion of maximal isotopies, transverse foliations and transverse trajectories. Recently we developped with Fabio Tal (Universidade de Sao Paulo) a forcing theory on the set of transverse trajectories of such a homeomorphism. In particular we obtain a simple criterium of existence of a topological horseshoe. Different applications can be deduced, in particular results related to rotation vectors and also structural results about homeomorphisms on the 2-sphere with no entropy.

报告人概况:报告人 Patrice Le Calvez, 巴黎六大数学系教授,动力系统方向专家, 2006 ICM 45 分钟报告人。

邀请人: 梁湘玉

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