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【数学论坛】From compressible to incompressible inhomogeneous flows in the case of large data
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报告题目From compressible to incompressible inhomogeneous flows in the case oflarge data

报告人Professor Piotr Boguslaw Mucha


报告时间:2018.11.14   16:00-17:00


摘要:We are concerned with the mathematical derivation of theinhomogeneous incompressible Navier-Stokes equations (INS) from thecompressible Navier-Stokes equations (CNS) in the large volume viscositylimit. We first prove a result of large time existence of regularsolutions for (CNS). Next, as a consequence, we establish that thesolutions of (CNS) converge to those of (INS) when the volume viscosity
tends to infinity. Analysis is performed in the two dimensional torus, forgeneral initial data. In particular, we are able to handle largevariations of density.The talk will base on the joint result with Raphael Danchin:arXiv:1710.08819

报告人概况:Piotr Boguslaw Much现任华沙大学数学与力学数学所教授洪堡学者。主要研究方向:泛函分析、微局部分析和以Navier-Stokes方程为主的流体动力学方程。2008年获得了波兰科学部的杰出青年奖。并主持了Stanilaw Saks基金、洪堡基金等多项课题在国际一流的学术刊物(如:CPAM、CMP、ARMA、Adv.Math, JFA、JMPA、SIAM)上发表学术论文90多篇。


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