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【ag平台网址学术报告】Entropy via preimage structure for maps
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报告题目:Entropy via preimage structure for maps




报告时间:2020.06.17 9:30-11:00


报告平台:Tencent会议,ID:610 178 094


报告摘要:For noninvertible dynamical systems, we investigate entropyvia preimage sets. For a continuous map, we introduce a notion ofpointwise metric preimage entropy. For systems with uniform separation of preimages, we establish a variational principle between this version of pointwise metric preimage entropy and pointwise topological entropies introduced by Hurley. Under the same condition, the notion coincides with folding entropy introduced by Ruelle. For a partially hyperbolic endomorphism on a closed manifold, we introduce notions of stable topological and metric entropies, and establish a variational principle relating them. (This is a joint work with Weisheng Wu)



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