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【基础数学系学术报告】Digital features and dimensions of complex networks
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报告题目:Digital features and dimensions of complex networks

报告人:牛敏副教授 (北京科技大学)

时间:20191112 15:00-16:00


报告摘要Self-similarity is a significant property for complex networks. Box coverage method and dimension calculation are vital tools to study the characteristic of complex networks. In this talk, we propose an outside-in (OSI) box covering method for the Sierpinski networks, and it is attested that this coverage algorithm is superior to CBB algorithm. We also obtain the information dimension of weighted Sierpinski network.

报告人概况:牛敏,北京科技大学副教授,从事分形几何及复杂网络的研究,主持国家自然科学基金青年基金一项,主持教育部引智项目一项,主要参与面上项目两项。曾于2009年及2017年分别访问日本国立信州大学各一年。在国内外重要学术期刊发表SCI论文近20篇,分别发表在FractalsApplied Mathematic & Computer等著名数学期刊上。

邀请人:  薛玉梅

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