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【数学论坛】Mathematical Medicine and Its Clinical Applications
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报告题目:Mathematical Medicine and Its Clinical Applications

报告人:孔德兴  教授(浙江大学)  



报告摘要:Mathematical medicine is an interdisciplinary subject of mathematics, physics and medicine, which also involves computer science, information theory and large data science. Its purpose is not only to reconstruct the geometry of tissues, organs and focal areas, to report the relative position of different kinds of tissues, blood vessels, etc., and to give the quantitative description of various anatomical information; but also to predict the occurrence and evolution of various diseases, to characterize the occurrence mechanisms on diseases, to predict the treatment effect and survival prognosis, to reveal the inherent law of medical disciplines, and thus to help doctors to develop accurate personalized medical programs to achieve the ultimate goal for the benefit of each patient. This report will introduce some basic concepts, methods and theories of mathematical medicine, focusing on two clinical applications: precise radiofrequency ablation and medical image intelligent diagnosis system based on deep learning. These achievements have been successfully applied in the PLA General Hospital (Beijing 301 Hospital) and the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Universityetc.  




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