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【数学论坛】Sobolev monotone mappings
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报告题目Sobolev monotone mappings
报告人Jani Oninnen教授(美国雪城大学)

报告摘要An approximation theorem of Youngs (1948) asserts that a continuous map between compact oriented topological2-manifolds (surfaces) is monotone if and only if it is a uniform limit of homeomorphisms. In this talk we discuss analogous approximation results for Sobolev mappings. These results originated in studying variational problems of geometric nature. To build a viable theory we first have to address the question of how to enlarge the class of homeomorphisms to ensure the existence of minimizers. Tadeusz Iwaniec and I introduced Sobolev monotone mappings and established the existence of energy-minimal deformations within the class of such mappings. Related open questions are also discussed.

报告人概况Jani Oninnen是美国雪城大学和芬兰于韦斯屈莱大学教授,主要研究几个函数论与非线性方程。在具有有限形变映照,Sobolev映照,p-调和方程等研究中取得了一系列重要成果,在JAMSInvent Math等期刊发表了70多篇高水平论文。


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