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学术报告--General probabilistic theories on arbitrary causal structures
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General probabilistic theories on arbitrary causal structures(任意因果结构上的一般概率理论)Raymond Lal博士 邀请人:王全龙 老师时 间 :2014年4月15日 下午16:00-17:00地 点 :数学与系统科学ag平台app下载 学术交流厅主321报告摘要:Quantum correlations which violate Bell inequalities cannot be recovered using classical random variables that are assigned to a certain background causal structure. Moreover, Tsirelson's bound demonstrates a separation between quantum correlations and those achievable by an arbitrary no-signalling theory. However, one can consider causal structures other than that of the usual Bell setup. We investigate quantum correlations from this more general perspective, particularly in relation to Pearl's influential work on causality and probabilistic reasoning, which uses the formalism of Bayesian networks. We extend this formalism to the setting of generalised probabilistic theories, and show that the classical d-separation theorem extends to our setting. We also explore how classical, quantum and general probabilistic theories separate for other causal structures; and also when all three sets coincide.


Raymond Lal博士在英国约克大学(The University of York)、伦敦帝国ag平台app下载(Imperial College London)以及牛津大学分别获得学士、硕士和博士学位,目前在牛津大学计算机系从事博士后研究,其合作教授是著名计算机专家Samson Abramsky。他在博士期间的研究课题是从量子信息的角度研究相对论和量子力学的相容性。特别地,他利用范畴论发展出一个能描述相对时空中的量子系统的理论体系。目前,他的主要研究方向是层理论(sheaf theory)在量子信息与量子基础中的应用,尤其是对no-go定理的刻画。 欢迎大家参加!

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