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【NoDI讨论班】Connectivity in Semialgebraic Sets by Prof. Hoon Hong
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Connectivity in Semialgebraic SetsProf. Hoon HongNorth Carolina State University, USA 报告时间:2014年6月4日下午3点报告地点:北京航空航天大学新主楼G座610会议室报告摘要:A semialgebraic set is a subset of real space defined by polynomial equations and inequalities. A semialgebraic set is a union of finitely many maximally connected components. In this talk, we consider the problem of deciding whether two given points in a semialgebraic set are connected, that is, whether the two points lie in a same connected component. In particular, we consider the semialgebraic set defined by f not equal 0 where f is a given bivariate polynomial. The motivation comes from the observation that many important/non-trivial problems in science and engineering can be often reduced to that of connectivity. Due to its importance, there has been intense research effort on the problem. We will describe a method based on gradient fields and provide a sketch of the proof of correctness based Morse complex. The method seems to be more efficient than the previous methods in practice. This is a joint work with James Rohal, Mohab Safey El Din, and Erich Schost. 报告人概况:Hoon Hong is a professor of mathematics at North Carolina State University in USA. His main research interest is in the area of computational algebraic geometry, in particular quantifier elimination. He has organized over 20 international conferences and 10 workshops. He has also served as a program committee member of over 100 conferences and workshops. He has edited 6 journal special issues on computational algebra. Since 2000, he has been serving as the editor-in-chief of Journal of Symbolic Computation. 北航数据与信息科学创新群体(NoDI)

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