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学术报告-Lagrangian Bonnet Pairs in Complex Space Forms
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报告题目:Lagrangian Bonnet Pairs in Complex Space Forms报告人:贺慧霞 副教授报告摘要: In this paper we first give a Bonnet theorem for conformal Lagrangian surfaces in complex space forms, then we show that any compact Lagrangian surface in the complex space form admits at most one other global isometric Lagrangian surface with the same mean curvature form, unless the Maslov form is conformal.These two Lagrangian surfaces are then called Lagrangian Bonnet pairs. This result is a Lagrangian version of the classical theorem for Bonnet pairs in $3$-dimensional real space forms by Lawson and Tribuzy . 报告时间:2015年4月14日 14:00-15:00报告地点:主楼213联系人:张世金

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