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由德国马普计算机科学研究所Thomas Sturm研究员和数学与系统科学ag平台app下载佘志坤教授联合申请的中德“约束计算与推理”双边研讨会获得中德科学中心的资助批准,将于中德科学中心举行,欢迎ag平台app下载老师和学生积极参与旁听,大家将为参会者提供免费的自助午餐。


Sunday, November 23 — Arrival18:00DinnerWe meet in the lobby for dinner at the hotel. Monday, November 2409:00–09:30Z. She, T. SturmOpeningSession 1: Symbolic Methods I — Chair: Maximilian Jaroschek09:30–10:10Wang / DongmingTriangular Decomposition for Constraint Solving10:10–10:50Zeng / ZhenbingA New Method of Machine Proof for Inequalities10:50–11:20Coffee break11:20–12:00Luo / YongCharacteristic Set Method for Ordinary Difference Polynomial Systems12:00–12:40Mou / ChenqiSparse FGLM Algorithms for Solving Polynomial SystemsLunchSession 2: Real Solving and Application I — Chair: Hassan Errami14:00–14:40Sturm / ThomasFrom Classical Quantifier Elimination to Tropical Decisions for the Reals14:40–15:20Xia / BicanProving Inequalities and Solving Global Optimization Problems via Simplified CAD Projection15:20–15:50Coffee breakSession 3: Algorithms and Tools — Chair: Martin Fr?nzle15:50–16:30Becker / BerndUsing Interval Constraint Propagation for Pseudo-Boolean Constraint Solving16:30–17:10Hermanns / HolgerConcurrent Programming in the Post-Java Era17:10–17:50Wimmer / RalfSolving Dependency-Quantified Boolean Formulas18:00Dinner Tuesday, November 25 — Excursion08:00–09:00Bus Transfer from the hotel09:00–11:00Visiting theForbidden City11:30–12:30Lunch12:30–14:00Bus transfer14:00–16:30Visiting the Great Wall atMutianyu16:30–18:00Bus transfer back to the hotel18:30Dinner Wednesday, November 26Session 1: Symbolic Methods II — Chair: Wei Niu09:00–09:40Gao / Xiao-shanDifferential Elimination by Sparse Differential Resultant09:40–10:20Wang / DingkangAutomatic Proving and Discovering of Geometric Theorems10:20–10:50Coffee breakSession 2: Probabilistic and Hybrid Verification I — Chair: Zhengfeng Yang10:50–11:30She / ZhikunUnder-Approximating Backward Reachable Sets by Convex Polytopes11:30–12:10He / AnpingHybrid System and Symbolic ComputationLunchSession 3: First-order Theorem Proving — Chair: Bernd Becker14:00–14:40Schulz / StephanThe Present and Future of E14:40–15:20Waldmann / UweHierarchic Superposition Revisited15:20–15:50Coffee breakSession 4: Safety and Abstration I — Chair: Stephan Merz15:50–16:30Yang / ZhengfengSafety Verification of Interval Hybrid Systems Based on Reliable SOS Programming16:30–17:10Bu / LeiDeriving Unbounded Proof of Linear Hybrid Automata From Bounded Verification17:10–17:50Lin / WangSafety Verification of Nonlinear Systems Based on Rational Invariants18:00Dinner Thursday, November 27Session 1: Symbolic Methods III — Chair: Zhenbing Zeng09:00–09:40Li / YongbinComputing the Bell Number by Using Groebner Bases09:40–10:20Huang / YanliRational General Solutions of Higher Order Algebraic ODEs10:20–10:40Coffee breakSession 2: Safety and Abstration II — Chair: Erika Abraham10:40–11:20Zhan / NaijunAbstraction of Elementary Hybrid Systems11:20–12:00Chen / LiqianStatic Analysis Using Numerical Abstract Domains with Absolute Values12:00–12:40Xu / MingSome Algebraic Methods for Validation and VerificationLunchJoint Session CDZ/NoDI Seminar: Probabilistic and Hybrid Verification I — Chair: Dongming Wang14:15–14:30Arrival at Beihang14:30–15:00Tour on Beihang campus15:00–15:20Presentation of the State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment15:20–15:40Presentation of the Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Behavioral Semantics of the Chinese Ministry of Education15:40–16:00Coffee break16:00–16:40Fr?nzle / MartinEngineering Arithmetic Constraint Solvers for the Analysis of Hybrid and Probabilistic Systems16:40–17:20Merz / StephanFormal Verification of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms18:30Workshop Dinner Friday, November 28Session 1: Real Solving and Applications II — Chair: Yong Luo09:00–09:40Weber / AndreasEfficient Symbolic Methods to Detect Hopf Bifurcations in Chemical Reaction Networks 09:40–10:20Errami / HassanEfficient Methods to Compute Hopf Bifurcations in Chemical Reaction Networks10:20–10:50Coffee break10:50–11:30Chen / ChangboCylindrical Algebraic Decomposition and Quantifier Elimination Based on Regular Chains11:30–12:10Niu / WeiQualitative Analysis of Biological Systems Using Algebraic MethodsLunchSession 2: Probabilistic and Hybrid Verification II — Chair: Zhikun She14:00–14:40Zhang / LijunProbabilistic Model Checking for Linear Temporal Logics14:40–15:20Song / LeiProbably Safe or Live15:20–15:50Coffee breakSession 3: Satisfiability Modulo Theory Solving — Chair: Uwe Waldmann15:50–16:30Fontaine / PascalSMT Solving and Combination of Theories16:30–17:10Abraham / ErikaReal and Integer Arithmetic as Theories in SMT-Solving17:10–17:50Jaroschek / MaximilianAdapting Quantifier Elimination Methods for SMT-Solving18:00Dinner Saturday, November 29 — Departure

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