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【北航数学论坛】_Hitoshi Ishii 教授_Metastability for parabolic equations with drift
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Metastability for parabolic equations with drift

Hitoshi Ishii 教授, 日本早稻田大学报告时间:2016年3月10日(周四)下午15:00 -16:00报告地点:北航数学与系统科学ag平台app下载主 321学术交流厅报告摘要: I will outline pde methods analyzing the exponentially long time behavior of solutions to linear uniformly parabolic equations which are small perturbations of a transport equation with vector field having a globally stable point.The results say that the solutions converge to a constant, which is either the initial value at the stable point or the boundary value at the minimum of the associated quasi-potential, which are due to Freidlin and Wentzell and Freidlin and Koralov, and applies also to semilinear parabolic equations. This is based on joint work with P. E. Souganidis of Chicago University.


Hitoshi Ishii, 日本早稻田大学教授. 主要研究Nonlinear partial di?erential equations, viscosity solutions, optimalcontrol, di?erential games, surface evolution. 目前已发表SCI论文100多篇. 1994年获得日本数学会奖. 2002年成为Thompson ISI 的高被引科学家;特别地,其奠基性论文《User's guide to viscosity solutions of second order partial differential equations. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 27 (1992), 1–67》目前引用超过1500次. 2011年起担任《Journal de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees》等国际著名期刊编委。为2006年国际数学家大会邀请报告人。


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